Aerotime's meeting note taker on Google Meet makes it easy for you to take meeting notes and capture relevant conversation transcripts so that you can capture the key details without typing a lot.

  • Once you've enabled meeting note-taker, it will automatically start appearing on all meetings hosted on Google Meet.

  • Your notes will be delivered to you via email: Aerotime auto-saves your notes (just like Google Docs). Once you're done with the meeting, feel free to close it. You'll receive your notes via a secure link on your email.

  • Click on "Capture Last Conversation" to pull the transcript of the last conversation. Aerotime defines conversation as a dialogue done on the last topic.

    • The conversation is pulled into your notes. You can click the bullet icon to toggle the view and keep your notes clean.

  • Notes support markdown. Feel free to use standard shortcuts like #, ##, cmd+B, etc.

  • If you don't want to use Note Taker for a particular meeting, just close it. It will not read transcripts for the meeting.

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