Our calendar looks like a jigsaw of meetings and action items, creating a massive drop in productivity. Aerotime streamlines your calendar by many different methods, and this article talks about Flexible Meetings.

What are Flexible Meetings?

A Flexible Meeting can automatically move within the day, placing itself at a time block that decreases context switches and 30 min time gaps between meetings.

Only a meeting organizer can mark a meeting as flexible. As an attendee, you can always nudge the organizer to mark it Flexible.

What happens behind the scenes?

As your current workday comes to an end, Aerotime checks the health of your next day. It looks for inefficiencies and figures out better time slots for your Flexible Meetings.

It makes sure all your guests are available at the new time slots and gives a day's notice before moving the meeting.

Aerotime also goes the extra mile and checks if your guests have accepted meetings at that time slot before. This solves cases where some people might not like early morning or late evening meetings even if they're within working hours.

Look out for Flexible Meetings on your calendar that might be created by your peers. The bolt icon represents a flexible meeting.

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