Slack is one of the best communications tools we know, but sometimes it gets in our way of focusing on important core work when we ideally want no distractions to come our way.

How does Aerotime help in snoozing distractions from Slack?

  1. Status Updates: Aerotime will keep your Slack status updated, whether you're in a meeting or doing a task. You can decide the privacy levels of status as well. As most peers resort to Slack to ping you, this helps them be in the loop that you're busy with something.

  2. Snooze Slack Notifications: Aerotime can Snooze Slack for you, based on the type of event in your calendar. You can configure Aerotime to snooze Slack notifications if you're in a task or a meeting. We default to only tasks greater than 1 hour in length.

Creating tasks from within Slack

As most of our conversations happen inside Slack, most of the tasks emerge from Slack. So we made it easy to quickly create a task from within Slack.

Click on the triple dots (Kebab menu) when you hover on any message and select "Create new task with Aerotime."

Click here to integrate Slack with your Aerotime account.

The same link works if you want to disconnect Slack from Aerotime as well.

If you don't have an Aerotime account, this flow will also create an account for you and take you through the onboarding process.

Privacy policy

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