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Slack + Aerotime = 😌
Slack + Aerotime = 😌
Pull action items from Slack to Aerotime for you and your team. Status and snooze sync with the calendar, and a lot more.
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Aerotime's Slack integration solves multiple things. This article breaks down the problems it solves and how you can use it to its full potential.

Pull action items from Slack to Aerotime

  • With one click, a message on Slack converts into an action item on Aerotime.

  • Hit the "Add to Saved Items" button to move any message to Aerotime as an action item.

Assignment Workflows

  • You can assign the action item to yourself or anyone on your team. After hitting the "Add to Saved Items" button, Aerotime will ask you who this task is for.

  • To speed up the workflow, you can ask Aerotime to assign it to everyone tagged in the message.

Slack Status & DND sync with your calendar

Slack is one of the best communications tools we know, but sometimes it gets in our way of focusing on important core work when we ideally want no distractions to come our way. Aerotime solves it with two key components:

  1. Status Updates:

    • Aerotime will update your Slack status, whether you're in a meeting or doing a task. You decide the privacy levels of your status.

    • As most peers resort to Slack to ping you, this helps in easy expectation setting and communication around your availability.

  2. Slack DND:

    1. Aerotime can Snooze Slack for you based on the type of event in your calendar. You can configure Aerotime to snooze Slack notifications if you're in a task or a meeting.

    2. As a default configuration, Aerotime turns on Slack DND only for tasks greater than 1 hour in length. Meetings don't have DND turned on by default.

Drop a message to the meeting attendees

This feature is exclusive to the Mac app.

Sometimes you want to update attendees if you're running late or drop a link for a document right before the meeting time. Aerotime makes it super easy by letting you do that in 1 click with a Mac notification/glance menu that alerts you about an upcoming meeting.

Aerotime prioritizes notifying attendees on Slack but falls back to email if the Slack option is unavailable.

Click here to integrate Slack with your Aerotime account.

If you don't have an Aerotime account, this flow will create an account for you and take you through the onboarding process. The same link works if you want to disconnect Slack from Aerotime.

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