Planning your calendar is one of the best ways to get prioritized work done.

Sometimes we don't know what tasks will come up, so we can't schedule them on the calendar; this is where focus time help. Focus time shields your time by creating "busy" blocks in your upcoming days.

Here are some of the critical strengths of Aerotime's Focus Time:

  1. It understands your preferences: You can ask Aerotime to block time in the morning, afternoon, or evening and specify a duration to time-block as well. Aerotime will automatically evaluate free hours in your calendar for the upcoming 14 days and block the time.

  2. Moves around based on incoming meetings: The blocks appear busy to others, but if you accept a meeting on top of it. Focus time will move to a different location on the same day. If no continuous time is available, it will break into chunks of focus time across the day (minimum 1-hour blocks).

How does it work in sync with Aerotime's Task Manager?

Aerotime's tasks will replace your "Focus Time" blocks as they have served the purpose. You have successfully blocked time for upcoming tasks and now that you know what to work on, it is better to name it and give it the exact time. This also helps teams be in sync and build better empathy with Slack integration.

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