Music dramatically increases our ability to focus. It can help our brain absorb new information faster and help us go in a creative flow to come up with better solutions. 90% of our distractions are internal, and music is one of the best ways to remove them.

Aerotime embeds curated focus music playlists from Spotify inside Aerotime to make it easy for you to get in the zone.

So how to choose music based on activity?

Deep work

Cognitively demanding work that requires you to go distraction-free. Use lyric-free music with high ambiance and consciously chosen notes (or production style) to create a feeling of depth. Example: Jon Hopkins

Grunt work

Repeated work that may seem tedious and has lower creative utilization. Use music with high syncopation for this.

In music, syncopation means playing various rhythms together to a tune creating an effect of off-beat. This is interesting to our brain and counters your tedious work and makes you finish it without the urge to take a break. Example: Kanye West

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